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&ϒou ℳ ay Dream oℍ in ᵯy ℳ elody

1 June 1989
.A person who loves loneliness.

"Within these chains a furry lies beneath, once released it will become more powerful than you have ever known."
I guess you can say I'm not that special, but I like to think I am.
Love Letters (these are for people in my life who I've lost in someway or another)
Lyrics (whether I translate, or discuss them with myself, it's filled with them)

Excerpts from my stories (well really, my manuscript, I need somewhere to brainstorm this is my #2 place)
This World - the things in this world and how they affect me, it's a little nice to look through my eyes sometimes, but then again
I am an egotistical bitch sometimes, sorry about that. The truth is I don't like to talk about myself, but in my journal
you will find what your curious about, me :3

.My Heart..My Soul.

SewingJane AustenLaceDoe necklacesred soda cansCrazy theoremsQuantum PhysicsGothic FictionQouth the Raven 'never more'vocalizing in almost a soft whipsering barely breathing voicecharting starsafter it rainsdoing whatever I wantSeeing the things in my head in this tangible worldcat's purringpeople who are sure of what they wantLoveMost Ardently Love.touching furtiramisufresh piece of paperbeing surprisedlaughing when I can't believe something is happening and I become nervously suspicious of how good it can getlucidly dreamingwalking on airlaguage"let go"hazel eyesfinding beauty in tragic circumstancesthe doctrines of Buddism writting spelling writting with two "t"s instead of onemy heart.

"Doesn't matter the way I feel it, Doesn't matter the way I wish it" - Caroline
"When we look back at it all as I know we will, you and me wide eyed, I wonder will be really remember how it 'feels' to be this alive and I know we have to go, I realize, we only get to stay so long, always have to go back to real lives, where we belong...but real lives are the reason why we want to live another life, we want to feel another time, another time." - Robert Smith
"For a long time, I've been watching the small wound in your heart" -Riki Kinoshita
"The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves, until one day there are none, no hopes, nothing remains" -Arthur Golden
"I thought maybe if I leave this town I can fill the hole in my heart belicing that we waited on the platform for the westbound bus and took a gamble on life. I worked and worked and worked and sold out  my time and dreams, but the money that I earned could never fill the hole in my heart." -Takuro Kubo
"夢なれね覚めないで幾追うの湯路をこえ、銀河にねかこまれて 巡り会う の アンダーワールド、どんあいねぅらく手も すぐに 見つけ出せるよ、きおくのね、いとたどり、きっ地底にいくよ。” ー有村竜太郎

”in un sguardo tu, sai donare un sorriso al mio volte che, ora ti cerca e le lacrime, che hanno formato l'oceano, nel quale sempre ritornerai da me." -Ilaria Graziano 

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